Wednesday, 1 February 2017

REVIEW: Resolution! 2017: Orley Quick & The Hairy Heroines, Mater-Filia, Sketch Dance Company

Tues 31 Jan
The Place
Orley Quick & The Hairy Heroines As We Like It
Mater-Filia Do not Go Gentle 
Sketch Dance Company Raised By Wolves

Orley Quick's As We Like It is sexy and witty. The all male trio dive from profound fury, to surprisingly sultry, to agonising and hilarious. Dancer Terell Foreshaw seduces the audience in his floor length gown, dropping to the floor in box splits. As We Like It is hilariously funny- I only wish the amusing conversations about trousers and tools lasted a little longer.

Following Quick's romp, Mater-Filia presents Do not Go Gentle, a mother-daughter exploration of mortality. Dripping sounds, a large hourglass and the sounds of ticking clocks point towards themes of life and mortality. Undulating spines and slippery floor work is matched with dancer Lauren Anthony's grounded and bold hip-hop technique. Overall, Do not Go Gently is intensified by the technical strength of both dancers. 

Dancer Jemima Brown in Raised By Wolves, Photo Credit: Yulia Antonov

Closing the evening of performance, Jasmine Andrews presents Raised by Wolves with Sketch Dance Company. With its clear narrative guided by an original score by Oliver Swain, Madeleine Blake and vocalist Sheree DuBois, Raised by Wolves plunges dancer Jemima Brown into a journey of self discovery. The ensemble sweep across the space, in a cascade of unfurling arms and gestural mime. Brown packs a rucksack and stumbles out of her cosy home in a frenzied search for identity. She reaches, rolls and runs as the forest seems to thicken. 

Amongst the bursts of red leaves and tangled arms, Brown emerges from the shadowy darkness to be met by a friend. The pair dart about the space playfully, swinging Brown's rucksack through their legs and over their heads. Andrew's fairytale choreography reminds us of the timeless and existential question of who we are. Where do we belong? And what is it that makes us us?

Dancers Jemima Brown & Joshua Scott in Raised By Wolves, Photo Credit: Yulia Antonov

Resolution! 2017 continues until 25 February at The Place, for more information visit:

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