Saturday, 20 February 2016

REVIEW: Resolution! Salah El Brogy Company, Yukiko Masui, Promotion

Fri 20 Feb
The Place
Salah El Brogy Company Glitch
Yukiko Masui It Takes Two Too 
Pro-Motion Ideas in Motion

Beginning the final night of Resolution! 2016, Salah El Brogy presents a raw and pensive solo performance in GlitchEl Brogy examines the struggle of accessing memories, combining strong spoken word in his native Arabic and an animalistic physicality. Clever use of lighting and alarm sounds point to a ‘malfunction’ that brings El Brogy’s dynamic sequences of capoeira- style hurling arms and percussive shifts to an abrupt halt. ‘It’s like… the words… disappear from…’ he stumbles and falters, trying to force a memory back to life. Glitch is, above all, sincere. Despite the possible language barrier of using Arabic, I feel drawn into El Brogy’s struggle.
Tokyo-born Yukiko Masui’s It Takes Two Too is a sexy, sultry landscape of Latin flavours, gently rolling hips and slow electronica. Dressed neutrally, the two couples are clad in black turtleneck tops and black ankle length skirts, revealing bare thighs through an open slit. Masui’s investigation of gender norms presents itself as same-gender pairings, as well as women leading their male counterparts. Dancers Masui and KJ L. Mortimergently manipulate Franco Conquest and Gareth Mole’s necks and hips, before throwing them into high energy, muscular floor sequences. While the commentary on gender norms doesn’t evolve further, It Take Takes Two Too is a slick and seductive work.
The triple bill closed on a high with Pro-Motion’s playful Ideas in Motion. Dabbling with comedic sketches, amusing vocal percussion and slow-motion references to Chariots of Fire, choreographer Brooke Millinercreates a truly entertaining work of hip-hop. Slapstick gunfights remind us of Tom and Jerry cartoons, while crisp unison, fast-paced footwork and breaking showcase the group’s technical skills. The group’s cohesion is unmistakable. A wholly enjoyable evening, with exciting artists and collectives to watch out for in the future.
Maya Pindar 

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